The Boeing Leadership Network – Retirees’ Facebook is a social media website designed to engage and inform retirees on activities associated with Boeing. Any former employee who was a dues paying member of the Boeing Leadership Network (a.k.a. Boeing Management Association – BMA) at the time of retirement shall have access to this website.


This Facebook website is not owned nor managed by the Boeing Company and Boeing is not responsible for its contents. Boeing Company proprietary, intellectual property, and / or export controlled information is not permitted on this website under any circumstances. Do not post profanity, offensive language or inappropriate photos. Misuse of the website by BLN-R members can result in the removal of those individuals violating the “Code Of Conduct” for this website.


Facebook Group Membership Approval

Questions related to the Facebook group should be directed to Boeing Leadership Network – Retirees’ Membership / Communications board member who will approve all requests to join. To be granted access to the BLN – Retirees Facebook page you must be an active BLN – Retiree member, a Boeing retiree, or be a current Boeing employee.

Curtis Benner is the Membership / Communications board chair. Curtis can be contacted at email or his phone 206-972-0373.