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Welcome to the Boeing Leadership Network Retirees website (formerly Boeing Management Association Gold Card).
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Mission Statement (see also: BLNR Charter)

As an association of retired Boeing leaders, we provide opportunities for interaction and fellowship through activities that enhance education and development, community volunteerism, social interaction, and our member’s health and welfare.


Who We Are

BLN Retirees is a chapter of the Boeing Leadership Network, an association of Boeing managers and leaders. With over 8,500 active, associate, and retired members, BLN consists of three regions – in addition to the Retirees Chapter for retired members – in the Puget Sound area as well as affiliated branches at some other Boeing locations.

Any former employee who was a dues-paying member of BLN at the time of retirement is automatically qualified to be a member of the Retirees chapter.

There are no dues or other fees to be a BLN Retirees member.