John Hamilton, BCAC Chief Engineer – October 22, 2019

John Hamilton BCAC CE

John Hamilton briefs invited BLN Retirees at a breakfast briefing covering the latest news about 737 MAX past, present and future.

The Boeing Company is the state’s largest private employer in Washington today thanks in part to the hard work and dedication of BLN retirees. As a long-standing partner in Boeing’s success, BLN retirees have likely felt the impact of the two 737 MAX crashes.
At the special breakfast event John Hamilton, chief engineer for Boeing Commercial Airplanes, presented some background and history on the development of the 737 MAX as well as the engineering solution Boeing presented to the FAA and the return-to-service plan.
Before covering the 737 Max details, Hamilton stated in several ways that SAFETY is the number one guiding principle in Boeing’s plans.