Introducing New Mentoring Leadership
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Teammates: Dave Hyem and Seb Pierini
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If you are interested in volunteering as a mentor, check out current opportunities by contacting Christina Zier (Boeing Coordinator) .
Mentor and Volunteering Opportunities for STEM Education

2022 Other Mentoring Opportunities (virtual)

2021 Mentoring Boeing Leaders: December 2021 News
There are 10 – 15 participants at each session which is videotaped and posted on the BLN InSite page for other active members to enjoy and learn from on their own time. If you are a passionate leader who would like to mentor our colleagues – this is a great activity in which to participate!

The following is an example of the appreciation received in response to BLN-R leaders sharing at these events:

“I cannot tell you how much I appreciate the retirees who support the learning & growth of the people. With BLC becoming history, these type of events are so valuable for many of us.”

“I reflected upon their unique journey and found there was one common theme – it’s not like they ‘managed’ their ‘career’, instead, all of them ‘managed’ their performance. They paid attention on negative but constructive feedback, said ‘yes’ to assignment required personal commitment, and managed their own anxiety when it’s uncomfortable. Those are qualities to stay in the course and be able to have a long, fulfilled career…”

“Please forward my appreciation to their support!”

These sessions are conducted via Webex, coordinated and hosted by our Boeing Leadership Network counterpart Jenny Kaminski, with the objective of sharing leadership experiences. In February Christina Zier will be partnering with Jenny and together they will serve as guides for the meeting. They are seeking 2 to 3 retirees per session to share their experiences on the topic of focus. The topics will change each session for a couple of months and then will repeat for those previously unable to attend. Audio recording of these sessions will also take place.

There are two different target audiences each month:

  • The first is a New Manager 101 session that takes place on the third Friday of the month. The objective is for a BLN-R member to share their leadership experiences and best practices with folks that are new to management. There will also be time for an open Q&A as well.
  • The second is a Manager Mentorship series that takes place every fourth Tuesday of the month. The objective is to discuss selected topics (e.g. Challenging Employees, Motivation, Development, Evaluation) with a group of Boeing Leaders. There will be time for an open Q&A as well.

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