Hello Fellow BLN Retirees,
I am pleased to introduce our new BLN Executive Retiree Mentorship Chair. We recently changed our retiree database to include a drop down menu of individual’s profession while they were at Boeing. The database also includes each member’s interests. Many of you have expressed interest in being mentors. With that in mind Quentin Sisco will be responsible to reach out to those individuals and see if they want to come along the side of a current Boeing employee and mentor them for a period of time. He will use each individual’s profession and match them up with a like individual at Boeing.
Please join me in welcoming him to our group.
BLN Retiree Executive Liaison
Open the below to see a photo and summary of Quentin Sisco’s background click here.


Upcoming Mentoring Events:

  • April 11 (Thur): Be a Judge! (Hyatt Regency, Bellevue)
  • April 12 (Fri): Be a Judge! (Hyatt Regency, Bellevue)